Alamo Drafthouse in Gilbert | Tremors movie party

The other night we went and watched one of our favorite over at Alamo Drafthouse in Gilbert; Tremors!

Picture by Kristie Rodricks

If you haven’t been to one of their movie parties I would highly recommend it!!! We were met with a Kevin Beacon look alike, sorta 🤫😂, they gave us awesome props AND they encourages us to quote our favorite lines in the movie. ​How can you go wrong?

They gave us poppers to pop during the BIG gun battle! Candy cigarettes, remember those things?, and lighters for the audience to light every time they used their lighter in the movie. It was awesome! ​

My teenagers, 16 &13, might have been the youngest people in the theater but they were quoting the movie with the rest of us. #MomWin.

It was just an amazing time to spend the evening with my family, watch a movie we all love, and have a blast while doing it! Check out Alamo Draft House in Gilbert for their next movie party!

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