The Blend Boba & Coffeehouse

I have a girlfriend who lives over on the west side of the valley. With me being on the east side we always like to find find new spots to try in the middle. This week we went ventured over to The Blend Boba & Coffeehouse in Tempe.

521 S College Ave Ste 111 Tempe, AZ 85281 | Photo by Kristie Rodricks

It was the perfect spot for us to do a quick meeting to catch up, see how we can help each other crush our 2020 goals, and get a yummy drink!!!

Hot Honey Cinnamon Latte | Photo by Kristie Rodricks

I loved being able to catch up with her over a hot honey cinnamon latte. Let me tell you something about this drink. Never have I ever had a drink that makes you go “oh, yum, wow”. It tasted like a cinnamon latte and then all of a sudden you would get hit with the honey. It was phenomenal. We will definitely be going back! The drinks where yummy and the atmosphere was perfect. People were coming and going, some doing school work, others meeting for meetings. It was a great place to meet for a quick meet up.

Check out their menu!

Stop in and check them out!!!

521 S College Ave Ste 11 Tempe, AZ 85281